A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

---------------------/ Game Description /---------------------

You're a hobbyist game developer that suddenly wakes up in one of his old prototypes, the god of games has banished you to this old unbeatable prototype of a game that you made long ago! You most beat the prototype in order to get back home with only the use of a tablet and your wit!

Collect all the Red Gems to achieve a high score!

How many can you find? Highest Score is 176 Gems by YNOC4!

---------------------/ Development Tools & Used Assets /---------------------

Unity Microsoft Visual Studio 17 Abundant Music (Procedural generated Music) Audacity  Photoshop Blender

Bolt Visual Scripting

Unity ProBuilder (Free Unity Asset, Allows 3d assets to be made an edited in unity) MeshCombineStudio (Unity Asset to combine meshes for performance) Prefab Brush+ (Allows you to place Prefabs on surfaces in the scene view) Unity Standard Asset (FPS Counter, Post Processing, Gem Shader)

---------------------/  /---------------------


DevelopeRPG - v1.2.zip 73 MB
DevelopeRPG - v1.0.zip 67 MB