A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Gather All 3 Time Batteries per Time Zone!

Solve the Puzzles!

The Unique Time Travel Technology allows you to go back in time and even keep your momentum to solve awesome Puzzles.

 This game was made for Kenney Jam 2018!

Made with Love by AliveDrive and Sigmatronic 


*UPDATED* 9/28/2018

- This game has been converted into a Bolt Tutorial Project and also includes some examples in C#!

- Many bugs fixed!

Install instructions

Hey, I'm AliveDrive! Welcome to another Bolt for Unity Tutorial! In this tutorial we will discuss how to Initialize the Time Batteries Tutorial!

The instructions are easy:

1. Download & Unzip (Open Main Menu Scene)!

2. Setup Bolt (Import from Asset Store).

3. Save & Restart Unity. (Ctrl+S)

4. Play! (Ctrl+P)

5. Enjoy!

6. Let me know if you find any bugs! I can be reached at https://discord.gg/dtSd7fz !

Thanks for playing! See you in the next one!


Time Batteries!.zip 26 MB
Time Batteries Tutorial.zip 164 MB
Time Batteries Tutorial - README.txt 394 bytes
Time Batteries! Mac OS X.app.zip 28 MB
Time Batteries! Linux Universal_Data.zip 44 MB