A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Calm Before The Storm

Made with Love for Bolt Jam #3!

This game was made 100% using Bolt Visual Scripting!

Assets used:


Bolt Visual Scripting

Cloudy Crown Pro

Kenney Assets



The Calm Red Dead Sea (v0.1.3).zip 32 MB
The Calm Options (v0.1.2).zip 27 MB
The Calm SendWave Fix (v0.1.1).zip 27 MB
The Calm.zip Jam Submission (v0.1.0) 27 MB


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I boarded 2 ships, fell into water after that! :D

Cool idea, I like sword + cannon interaction!

Yarr! I felt like a pirate when smashing the cannons with my sword. And it was a rum-bottle on the floor, wasn't it? :D

Was fun! Thanks for doing this :)

I like the atmosphere of it :) The options menu is always displayed and I could not get the goal of the game.

The core mechanic is so much fun!! I blasted 50 cannons 💣 Tried to make them all fire together so I could watch all the bombs explode at the same time.

Nice! +1 for tinging sword :D